Feeding management dairy animals Key points

Feeding management dairy animals areFeeding Management Dairy Animals Key Points necessary to run a dairy farm into a profitable business, it’s the main issue behind less milk production of dairy animals.

Feeding Management Dairy Animals Key Points
Feeding management dairy animals Key points

Following are the key points for feeding management dairy animals:

• Good-quality feed and water ought to continuously be accessible.

• Sufficient feed bunk and water trough space will limit competition at the feed bunk.

• Milking dairy cows require a ton of drinking water—as much as 150–200 liters for every day for high-producing cows during the hot season.

• Most forages will bolster just 6–8kg of milk/cow/day and must be supplemented with high energy concentrates.

• As a general rule, feed 1kg concentrate for each 2kg of milk delivered above that provided from forages.

• Better choices can be made if the feeding value of the forages and concentrates and their expenses are known.

• Diets ought to be adjusted for energy, protein, fiber and certain minerals for ideal dairy animals execution and to avoid any metabolic issues.

• Balanced proportion ration will give production just if enough is feed.

• Simple observations of the cows can recognize issues with feeding administration.

• Maximize feed intake around calving also, in early lactation by sufficiently giving high-quality feed.

• Avoid sudden changes in eating routine when dairy animals calf and join the milking group.

• Do not overcrowd dairy animals prior and then afterward calving.

• Manage first lactation cows as a different gathering to diminish bullying by more seasoned dairy animals.

• Cows are social animals and successive changes in cow gathering can be problematic; for instance, introduce cattle onto the pre-calving ration once every week as opposed to daily.

• Proper cleaning and disinfection should be done at the dairy farm to avoid infections in the herd.

• Biosecurity is necessary to maintain at a dairy farm.