Feline Orthopedics Free PDF


Feline Orthopedics Free PDF. The most notable change in the companion animal population over the last few decades has been the steady rise in popularity of the cat.

Feline Orthopedics Free PDF

Feline Orthopedics Free PDF

Cats now outnumber dogs as domestic pets in many developed countries; it is estimated that there are now at least 70 million domestic cats in North America alone. As a consequence the small animal practitioner is confronted with cats suffering from a variety of orthopedic disorders on a daily basis. Existing orthopedic texts are heavily biased in favour of the dog with cats receiving little or no mention, yet there are many minor and a few major differences between the musculoskeletal systems of dogs and cats.

The motivation for writing this book was a desire by the authors to bring together all of the salient facts concerning feline musculoskeletal disease and present them in an organized and accessible format. As far as possible the information presented is based on the results of studies involving cats rather than being extrapolated from other species.

When evidence from such studies is lacking or when the evidence is anecdotal, reliance has been made on the personal experiences and opinions of the authors. It is hoped that this book will play a small part in the development and continued advancement of feline orthopedics as a discipline in its own right. The text is intended to be of interest both to students and to practitioners involved in the treatment of feline musculoskeletal disorders.

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