Foundations of Wildlife Diseases PDF Download


Foundations of wildlife diseases are a comprehensive overview of the basic principles governing the study of wildlife diseases. The authors integrate theoretical foundations with a careful analysis of factors that can influence the health and fitness of animals.

Foundations of Wildlife Diseases PDF Download

Foundations Of Wildlife Diseases

They include specific information on a wide range of infectious agents, such as bacteria, viruses, arthropods, fungi, protists and helminths, as well as immunity to these agents. A framework is also provided for studying non-communicable diseases, cancer and prion diseases that affect wildlife.

By supporting students, teachers and researchers in the fields related to nature management, biology and veterinary science, this volume fills an important resource gap for wildlife management, focusing on mammals and avian beasts, and also considers reptiles and amphibians.

Foundations of wildlife diseases provide students with a structure for thinking and understanding infectious agents and their interactions with wildlife. Each chapter includes a diagram, a choice of definitions and concepts, a review and a summary, as well as cited literature.

This book is intended as a first formal introduction to the field of wildlife diseases written for upper-division and graduate students who have a good foundational grounding in biology and zoology; these include students studying wildlife and natural resources, as well as the natural and biological sciences, and veterinary students who are extending their interests to diseases of wildlife. We do not expect that students necessarily have extensive foundations in microbiology, parasitology, or other disease issues.

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