Grooming Manual for the Dog and Cat PDF


Grooming Manual for the Dog and Cat PDF.  One of the responsibilities of every dog or cat owner is that of coat care. There are many and varied coat types and there is a vast difference between the time it takes to groom a Doberman and an Old English Sheepdog, a Siamese and a Persian cat.

Grooming Manual for the Dog and Cat PDF

Grooming Manual For The Dog And Cat PDF

This book provides much needed guidance for groomers, breeders and owners. It will be invaluable for those taking the City and Guilds 775 Grooming exam and animal care students of all levels. Step by step grooming/clipping techniques are described for the more popular breeds of dog and cat and in each case the technique is illustrated with photographic sequences. The book also includes allied subjects such as skin care, commonly found skin parasites and basic first aid and handling.

The pet-owning population is growing, and with it the need for technical and practical knowledge of grooming and care of pets. It is against the background of increasing growth in pet ownership and showing that the authors decided to write this book. It contains information on the breeds and coat types of dogs and cats, pre-grooming and general care and detailed step-by-step grooming and clipping techniques. The allied chapters to grooming contain useful information on skin and skin conditions, canine and feline diseases, parasites and first aid.’

Download: Clinical Veterinary Advisor – Dogs and Cats 4th Edition

The dogs and cats featured in this book are a mix of pet and show animals to give the reader the opportunity to see the differences in grooming styles. Both the professional groomer and the pet owner have been catered for in the easy-to-use format. The authors hope this book is useful to those starting a career in grooming, working towards a qualification in animal and nursing care, and as a reference text for grooming salons. Password:

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