Hand-Rearing Birds 2nd Edition


Hand-Rearing Birds 2nd Edition by Rebecca S. Duerr, Laurie J. Gage March 2020, The second edition of this book was originally planned to be a simple update to the chapters from the first edition, with a few more chapters added for species not covered last time.

Hand-Rearing Birds 2nd Edition

Hand-Rearing Birds 2nd Edition

After years of discussions with the previous authors of the first edition and colleagues at wildlife rehabilitation centers, zoos, and universities, as well as veterinarians and bird enthusiasts, we opted to create a more thorough revision and expansion. The original plan seemed like a reasonably straightforward thing that should only take a year or so to complete … but then Dr. Duerr would have flashes of inspiration, and another chapter or two were added, until there were 50.

The second edition is organized much like the first but includes 12 more chapters covering species or groups of species not covered in the first edition, and also includes color photographs this time, which helps illustrate many concepts pertinent to birds. Our chapter authors are experts, and are passionate about the species for which they have carefully documented their successes in the hand‐rearing process. They have shared their tips and knowledge in this edition and we hope this book will be helpful for anyone faced with raising most species of birds.

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We would have loved to have chapters covering the more rare or endangered species of birds but we have limited the chapters to those birds most frequently in need of hand‐rearing at wildlife centers, zoos, and private bird facilities. That being said, many endangered birds being hand‐reared will have useful information available on near‐relatives within these chapters.

This book Hand-Rearing Birds 2nd Edition presents a detailed guide to hand-rearing techniques for raising young birds, providing complete coverage of a wide variety of avian species and taxonomic groups for all avian care professionals. Chapters are written by expert rehabilitation, aviculture, and zoo professionals, and include useful references and bibliographies for further reading and research. Each chapter provides valuable information on appropriate intervention, housing, feeding, and care.

Hand-Rearing Birds 2nd Edition presents 50 chapters, including 12 new chapters on species or groups of species not featured in the previous edition. It also features color photographs that help illustrate many concepts pertinent to birds.  This important reference:

  • Offers a detailed guide to hand-rearing techniques including species-specific guides to caring for and raising young birds
  • Covers a wide variety of avian species and taxonomic groups
  • Discusses how to examine a chick to identify problems such as hypothermia, dehydration, injuries, and common diseases, and what to do
  • Combines information on the science and skill needed to successfully hand-rear birds
  • Presents full-color photographs throughout

Hand-Rearing Birds, Second Edition is an essential resource for avian rehabilitators, breeders, veterinarians, and zoo staff.

We reiterate that hand‐rearing birds is often more art than science and hope the information we share in this book will help others who are new to this discipline, or who wish to find new methods to consider. There are many different ways to successfully hand‐rear a given species, and our authors have kindly agreed to share theirs.

The reader shouldn’t hesitate to read chapters on species other than the species of their immediate concern, as many authors have tips and tricks for food presentation, housing, and other useful ideas that may be the perfect thing for a different circumstance. We also hope bird enthusiasts everywhere enjoy reading the chapters within for pleasure and curiosity’s sake too. Birds are endlessly fascinating, and the ways our authors have managed the quirks of each species make for entertaining reading. Enjoy.

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