Handbook of Radiographic Positioning for Veterinary Technicians


Handbook of Radiographic Positioning for Veterinary Technicians PDF. Radiographic evaluation is a valuable diagnostic tool, and the veterinary technician plays a vital role in providing high-quality images for evaluation by the clinician.

Handbook of Radiographic Positioning for Veterinary Technicians

Handbook Of Radiographic Positioning For Veterinary Technicians PDF

Proper patient positioning is crucial to achieving diagnostic quality images. This book provides detailed information on positioning of dogs, cats, birds, and pocket pets for radiographic examination. Photographs are used to illustrate correct patient positioning for each radiographic image.

The resulting radiograph produced is also included, and diagrams are included for most images. Canine and feline dental radiographic techniques are also included. Although not meant to be a comprehensive radiology textbook, detailed information on patient positioning, positioning aids, and labeling of radiographic images is included. Positioning techniques described are most useful for clinical locations in which patients are sedated or anesthetized for radiographic procedures.

However, all procedures can also be performed while manually restraining the patient if needed. Positioning techniques presented will provide diagnostic quality images when used with either traditional or digital radiology systems. Readers are encouraged to consult a comprehensive radiology textbook for additional information on production of x-rays, film processing, and safety issues related to the production of radiographs.

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