How Horses Feel and Think, Understanding Behaviour, Emotions and Intelligence

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How Horses Feel and Think, Understanding Behaviour, Emotions and Intelligence

by Marlitt Wendt, Published: 2011, FileType: PDF

How Horses Feel And Think, Understanding Behaviour, Emotions And Intelligence

Offering a good basis for horse owners to learn to relate better to their horses, this book introduces readers to the language of horses, their astonishing mental capabilities, and their deepest emotions. There is background information and practical tools here for owners to develop a more harmonious relationship to their horses and to school their horses without using force but in a positive, pro-active way. Written in an accessible, sometimes light-hearted style from a practical point of view, it successfully bridges the gap between science and the daily experience of those who deal with horses.

This book does a nice job of approaching horse behavior and training from a different perspective. It explains why the “pressure and release” method is not always the best way to get results, and takes into consideration the way it adversely affects horses. I like the emphasis on positive reinforcement training and why it is effective in gaining results that are long lasting, and emotionally beneficial to both horse and trainer. A very nice, easy to understand and well written book. The Handbook of Horses and Donkeys Introduction to Ownership and Care

This is an excellent book that explains the world from the horse’s point of view, based on science, written simply and straightforwardly. The author tackles the many outdated myths about horses, provides science-based information, and offers a compassionate view of how we should be interacting with and treating these magnificent animals. It is one of the very best books I’ve seen that helps the reader understand who horses really are.

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