Infectious Diseases Of The Dog And Cat 4th Edition PDF Download


Infectious Diseases Of The Dog And Cat 4th Edition PDF Download. The goal of this book has been to provide a comprehensive reference that can also serve as a clinically useful source of information for diagnosis and treatment of canine and feline infections throughout the world.

Infectious Diseases Of The Dog And Cat 4th Edition PDF Download

Infectious Diseases Of The Dog And Cat 4th Edition PDF Download

Th e entire fourth edition has been extensively updated to reflect the new body of knowledge. Additions have been made in coverage of infections caused by newly discovered or taxonomically reclassified agents including canine respiratory coronavirus and canine pneumovirus ( Chapter 6 ), Wolbachia spp. ( Chapter 25 ), Corynebacterium infections ( Chapter 33 ), Ralstonia pickettii ( Chapter 35 ), Lawsonia intracellularis ( Chapter 37 ), Chromobacterium spp. ( Chapter 44 ), and Francisella philomiragia ( Chapter 46 ). Although a helminth infection, heartworm disease was added because its clinical diagnostic testing is integrated with that of a number of microbial infections.

Drug dosage tables have been furnished for most diseases, and those used in the prior edition have been updated to give complete and consistent prescribing information in each applicable chapter. The appendices have followed the format and content of prior editions of the book with extensive updating.

The Antimicrobial Drug Formulary was considered an integral part of the chapters and referred to extensively in the text. Therefore, it was decided to include it in the printed volume. Th is formulary is cross-referenced in each chapter and refers the reader to references and tabulated dosage information found in the applicable disease coverage located elsewhere in the book. In this edition, the references used in the drug formulary have been listed in web content to save printed space.

The web links to manufacturers have been included as a more universal and practical means of locating the source for specific products. The remaining appendices are available on the internet at the website for this book. Topics covered in the Web Appendices include vaccines ( Appendices 1 to 4 ), commercially available diagnostic test kits and laboratories ( Appendices 5 and 6 ), and a clinical problems approach to the various infectious diseases ( Appendix 7 ).

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