Interpretation of Equine Laboratory Diagnostics


Interpretation of Equine Laboratory Diagnostics. As equine practitioners, we are blessed to be in a field that is constantly and rapidly advancing.

Interpretation of Equine Laboratory Diagnostics

Interpretation Of Equine Laboratory Diagnostics

With the discovery of emerging or re‐emerging diseases, equine practitioners, like ourselves, are challenged to not only understand these new entities, but also be able to use appropriate diagnostic tests and adequately interpret their results. The objectives of this book are to help equine veterinarians with the interpretation of equine laboratory diagnostics as they apply to hematology, clinical chemistry, serology and molecular diagnostics. There are currently incredible equine medical texts that address the laboratory diagnostic approach of  certain diseases.

However, much of their focus is devoted to the clinical presentation, pathophysiology of the disease, and treatment options. This book represents a unique compilation of both established and new diagnostics that are  routinely offered by diagnostic laboratories across North America in an easy‐to‐use manual written by leading experts in the various fields. Our goal was to link the principles of clinical pathology in hematology, clinical chemistry, serology, molecular diagnostics, and genetics with clinical understanding and then translate the results of such investigation into a format that is readily usable by the busy equine veterinarian.

This book  is a quick reference guide for veterinary students, veterinary technicians and equine veterinarians, who have a need for  laboratory diagnostics in their daily equine practice and  studies. One of the main challenges in the veterinary profession we’ve experienced is locating accurate information on the meaning of certain diagnostic laboratory results taking into account their potential advantages and pitfalls. Who has the time to stay up‐to‐the‐minute current with the newly‐developed assays and to develop a level of comfort with their use without having any specific experience in interpretation of their results? This book offers an easy and practical introduction to currently available tests, helps with understanding of the results by providing examples, presents comparative data on test performance, and makes reference to the laboratories that offer such testing.

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