Cold pressing is a different approach we use to make & produce strong dog food.

The ingredients are crushed then smoothly blended collectively. This accurately conserves the nutrients before they are Cold Pressed at moderate temperatures for just a few seconds.

This unusual cooking technique preserves as much of the nutrients of the ingredients as likely. This method is the chief difference between our food-related to extrusion which utilizes great temperatures and pressures.


With so many diverse kinds of dog food available to you, you might be admiring which is most beneficial for your dog. But when it comes to dry food, there’s a very simple way to start the process of choosing which is best for your dog because there are two main ways of producing dry dog food.

One method expands the food, which swells up in your dog’s stomach and the other is cold-pressed, which is produced at a lower temperature very fast and each part of the food dissolves from the outside in so doesn’t expand, which encourages dogs to withdraw bloating.



Smoothly blended at low temperatures. Cold pressing preserves much more of the food’s essential nutrients. As close to your dog’s natural food as you can notice. A nutritionally compact food – use up to a third less per part related to most extruded kibble.


Food prepared following extreme heat and pressure at great temperatures. High temperatures can damage vital vitamins your dog wants and also change the structure of proteins in the diet. Around 95% of dry dog food is produced by a method called extrusion as it’s cheap and simple to mass-produce.

This month we are getting the most advanced about cold-pressed dog diet, what it is and how it’s developed over the last 12 months.

Cold pressed dog food indicates the food is made very fast at temperature without the aid of high temperatures or steam. This permits a lot more of the necessary nutrients in the ingredients to persist whole, creating an extra natural product.

The cold-pressed process intends that the ingredients are blended together with cold water and then pressed under low heat treatment for a very little time. This very low temperature assures the safety of nutrients, particularly those of the oils. Low-temperature cold-pressing also assures that free radicals, which can put a strain on the dog’s metabolism and harm skin and coat tone, are not produced.

To know more about how the process improves cold pressed dog food to preserve more of its natural nutritional value.

The different method of cold-pressing means that cold-pressed dog food has the nutritional advantages of raw feeding, with all the comfort of dry food. The unique process of cold pressing is what produces this food separate from conventional kibbled dog food.

Kibble is extruded using very high temperatures. These high temperatures decrease the nutritional integrity of the kibble and heat-sensitive oils, fats, vitamins, herbs, and enzymes. Unlike cold pressing which conserves the nutritional content of the ingredients producing a naturally nutritious, equitable food for dogs.


Cold-pressed food frees nutrients more gradually and disappears from the outside in (unlike baked foods), and also safeguards against the danger of bloat (gastric dilation-volvulus syndrome). Due to the unusually sensitive production, and the lack of preservatives, the shelf life of food when saved in unopened bags, is restricted to 9 months.

What does Cold Pressed mean?

cold pressed dog food is manufactured by thoroughly mixing the most accurate ingredients together, before pressing them the true way at low temperatures between 42°C – 47 °C for a few seconds.

These lower temperatures support to protect the heat-sensitive enzymes, fibers and all the natural smells, flavors within the elements, producing cold pressed dog food with more comprehensive digestibility and nutritional value.

It’s fundamental to us to hold our cold-pressed dog food natural and fit for all times and life stages. For example, we teamed up with The Golden Paste Company to include TurmerAid™ into our Cold Pressed dog diet. TurmerAid™ is a bespoke blend of Turmeric formulated to optimize the Bio-Availability of Key Functional Ingredients.

By combining Turmeric and Linseed oil in our food, we know it gives dogs with natural joint care, helps the body’s natural anti-inflammation methods, and supports the integrity of the natural defense mechanisms.

It’s an innovative take on the usual way of feeding turmeric. TurmerAid™ is powerful in curcumin. It has a minimum of 5.1% curcumin. It is not steam managed, protecting the key elements within.

Unlike powders, our whole dog food with attached TurmerAid™ is able to feed which involves no more mess. We have completed all the mixing and blending for you. Just heed our easy to apply feeding pattern on the back of our bag to guarantee your dog receives their full daily dose.


Not all cold pressed dog foods are grain-free but it is understood that because cold pressed dog food is nutritionally compact, you don’t require to feed as much as you would a conventional dry kibble or raw dog diet.

In fact, some specialists in the profession understand cold pressed dog food is the perfect option to raw dog food.

One previously told us, “Cold-pressed dog food is a very helpful option for those who need to feed a raw complete natural diet but favor the comfort of dry food. Or, you can feed it as part of a raw diet as it breaks down quickly in the same area of the digestive system as raw food and hence doesn’t expand in your dog’s abdomen.

The refined creation and low temperatures employed in cold pressing means the packed food is high in nutrients correlated to kibble or raw food. Cold Pressed food considers more than you might think and the resulting weight means much less is required.


10kg dog would only need 120g of our cold-pressed per day correlated to 180g of kibble per day. This indicates you could be conserving up to 30% per day.