Large Animal Medicine for Veterinary Technicians 1st Edition PDF. The journey to complete a Veterinary Technician Specialty (VTS) is long and laborious no matter the specialty area.

Large Animal Medicine for Veterinary Technicians 1st Edition PDF

Large Animal Medicine For Veterinary Technicians 1st Edition Pdf

Completing this process includes many long hours pouring over references and textbooks to soak up the knowledge contained within them. The editors of this book have completed their VTS in large animal species; that process is further complicated by the limited availability of large animal textbooks writ-ten at the appropriate level for VTS technicians and veterinary technician students. It is due to these frustrations that this text came into being.

Books are such a valuable resource. The hope for this textbook is to provide those who are on the journey to specialization with a single resource that helps pull it all together. But the text is not just for veterans! Whether you are moving through your education process on the Associate or Bachelor levels, a fresh graduate studying for the VTNE, or out in the field for a few years, we hope you find this book to be an important reference you will pull from the shelf frequently during your time as a credentialed veterinary technician.

The text is only a part of the book; we needed many photos to illustrate difficult concepts. Special thanks go to Samantha Beeson and Kami Vickerman who helped take photos. There are only a handful of illustrated works in this text, which we found necessary when we just could not create photos to get our point across. For the illustrations we wish to thank Michele Pico and Lisa Haviland for their contribution to the radiology chapter and to Dr. Chechura for the illustrations in the reproduction chapter. Password:

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