Manual of Clinical Microbiology 2 Volume Set 11th Edition

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Manual of Clinical Microbiology 2 Volume Set 11th Edition, The Manual of Clinical Microbiology (MCM) is the most authoritative reference text in the field of clinical micro-biology.

Manual of Clinical Microbiology 2 Volume Set 11th Edition

Manual Of Clinical Microbiology 2 Volume Set 11th Edition

This edition of the Manual benefited from the talents of a team of 22 editors and almost 250 authors who were supported by a very capable production team at ASM Press. This, the 11th edition, is presented after the usual 4-year publication cycle following the 10th edition. All of the editorial team are proud members of the American Society for Microbiology and strong supporters of its book publishing arm, ASM Press.

We have followed in the footsteps of previous authors and editors of the Manual and remain steadfastly committed to the utmost quality and timeliness that the MCM readership has come to expect. For the first time, we have had co-editors in chief of MCM. The length and scope of the Manual now require this division of labor to ensure thoroughness and timeliness of the editing process. We hope that readers of the Manual will recognize the commitment to excellence by everyone associated with its production.

This is a very dynamic era in clinical microbiology, with new technical tools (MALDI-TOF, ribosomal and total gene sequencing, and other molecular methods) that are profoundly influencing our approaches to organism detection and identification. The Manual continues to include classic microbiological techniques such as microscopy and culture as a foundation in addition to the newer methods cited above.

Some organisms have become prominent causes of disease recently, e.g., Ebola, enterovirus D-68, and Gram-negative bacteria that produce carbapenemases. Every effort was made to include up-to-date information in the Manual on these recently emergent organisms. In addition, the studies of the human microbiome have informed our understanding of normal microbial communities and have posed the possibility of polymicrobial rather than single-agent infections.

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