Manual of Equine Lameness 1st Edition


Manual of Equine Lameness 1st Edition, provides essential information on equine lameness diagnostics and treatment in an easy-to-use format ideal for the clinical setting.

Manual of Equine Lameness 1st Edition

Manual Of Equine Lameness

A clinically relevant distillation of topics from Adams and Stashak’s Lameness in Horses, this text offers a quick introduction and fast access to key information.

“This manual is a quick reference on equine lameness.  This manual is best suited for general large animal or mixed animal practitioners, although equine practitioners might find it useful as a quick reference in the field.  It should be mentioned that this manual may also be of interest to veterinary students as a less expensive alternative to other books that deal with equine lameness in more detail.”

Designed for use in daily practice, the book is presented in brief chapters carefully formatted to maximize the usefulness for practicing veterinarians. Manual of Equine Lameness is an invaluable resource to any veterinarian treating lameness in horses and an ideal reference for veterinary students wanting to learn the fundamentals of lameness.


  • Presents key information on diagnosing and treating lameness in horses
  • Draws on material from Adams and Stashak’s Lameness and Horses to provide authoritative information in an easily accessible format
  • Organized into brief chapters to provide a quick reference ideal for the clinical setting
  • Focuses on clinically relevant information for use in daily practice
  • Provides fundamental information on lameness that is important to all veterinary students
  • Includes a DVD with practical supplements, including additional anatomical images; video clips demonstrating key procedures, such as perineural and intrasynovial injections; and examples of lameness conditions in motion

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