Manual of Equine Reproduction 3rd Edition PDF


Manual of Equine Reproduction 3rd Edition PDF.  We originally wrote this manual to serve as a textbook for veterinary students studying clinical reproduction in horses. We quickly found that the manual became a popular resource for veterinarians practicing equine reproduction.

Manual of Equine Reproduction 3rd Edition PDF

Manual of Equine Reproduction 3rd Edition PDF

In the third edition, we have updated and expanded many of the chapters while maintaining the manual’s readability and clinical emphasis. The figures have been colorized and many new figures have been added to the expanded chapters. We have also added a new chapter that focuses on the use of assisted reproductive technologies.

Each chapter begins with a listing of important learning objectives, along with questions to guide self-study. Numerous figures are included in each chapter to enhance the reader’s ability to grasp the material discussed.

The manual was written with the target audience of veterinary students, practicing veterinarians, and animal scientists teaching equine reproductive physiology and artificial insemination in mind. As such, a background in reproductive physiology would be helpful to fully comprehend the text in its entirety.

However, horse owners and breeders will also find useful information regarding reproductive management, breeding with transported cooled or frozen semen, and management of the pregnant/foaling mare and newborn foal.

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