Muller & Kirk’s Small Animal Dermatology 6th Edition


Each time we gear up to do another edition of Small Animal Dermatology, we optimistically-yet with the trepidation born of familiarity-tell ourselves that this rewrite will be less involved, less time consuming, less intimidating than the last.

Muller & Kirk’s Small Animal Dermatology 6th Edition

Muller And Kirk S Small Animal Dermatology 6th Edition

Fully revised and updated, Muller & Kirk’s Small Animal Dermatology provides students and veterinarians the most complete, up-to-date and user-friendly textbook of dermatology for dogs, cats, and pocket pets. This popular resource thoroughly details everything concerning etiology, pathogenesis, clinical signs, diagnosis, and therapy. Lavishly illustrated with clinical, microscopic and histopathological materials, it features over 1200 illustrations.

This book contains all the information a practitioner would need to practice high quality veterinary dermatology. However, it may be too advanced for many general practitioners who may want to look at more clinically minded books. This book is well referenced and the use of the references is accurate. When the experience of the authors is used it is clear to the reader. The most problematic chapters have to do with the structure and function of skin, where the author tends to shift subjects and alternates the detail to which the subject is covered – sometimes in the same sentence!

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