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Mycoplasma Diseases of Ruminants

Mycoplasmas are the smallest of free-living organisms and are intermediate between viruses and bacteria. Many 

Mycoplasma Diseases Of Ruminantsspecies thrive as parasites in animal (including human) hosts. This book is based on proceedings of a conference held in Palermo, Italy.

It reviews some of the most important mycoplasma diseases of sheep, goats and cattle including contagious bovine pleuropneumonia, contagious agalactia and calf pneumonia, which are listed by the OIE because of their economic implications.

Despite the introduction of 16S rDNA sequence data to help describe new and unclassifi ed species, mycoplasma taxonomy moves agonisingly slowly. It seems likely that the unclassifi ed M. ovine/caprine serogroup 11 will soon be merged into the species M. bovigenitalium. Attempts to reclassify the mycoplasmas of the mycoides cluster will, no doubt, grind on for many more years to come.

A great deal of genetic, biochemical and immunological evidence has accumulated to enable the merging of the two caprine pathogens, M. mycoides subsp. capri and M. mycoides subsp. mycoides large colony (LC) into a single subspecies or even species. However, offi cial acceptance of this recommendation is unlikely to take place before publication of this book, although several authors have begun using the name M. mycoides subsp. capri to describe both mycoplasmas. Consequently, readers will come across both names, often used synonymously and we apologise for any confusion this may cause.

This book aims to encapsulate research and development carried out on mycoplasma diseases of sheep, goats and cattle over the last decade by laborato-ries worldwide but focusing on that performed by our group at the Veterinary Laboratories Agency (Weybridge, UK) and its many international collaborators, in particular those at the Istituti Zooprofi lattico Sperimentale in Sicily and Abru-zzo e Molise (Teramo) and the University of Milan in Italy; the Central Veterinary Laboratory in Namibia; the Pendik Veterinary Control and Research Institute near Istanbul, Turkey; the Laboratorio Nacional de Investigacao Veterinaria, Lisbon, Portugal; the University of Missouri, Columbia, USA; the Department of Primary Industries, New South Wales, Australia; and, closer to home, King’s College and Imperial College London. Download More: Infectious Diseases Of The Dog And Cat 4th Edition PDF Download

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