Nephrology and Urology of Small Animals


Nephrology and Urology of Small Animals PDF. The practice of urology is one of the oldest medical specialties and surgical removal of uroliths is one of the oldest surgical techniques known.

Nephrology and Urology of Small Animals

Nephrology And Urology Of Small Animals PDF

The original Hippocratic Oath refers to the surgical removal of uroliths and obligates medical practitioners to leave such specialized procedures to specialists.In fact, the oldest known urolith was discovered in the body of a boy in Egypt dated approximately 4800 bc. . Over the centuries, advances were made in the diagnosis and management of urinary dis-eases. From Susruta in India in 1000 bc through the uroscopists of the Middle Ages to hemodialysis, lithotripsy, and transplantation, the science and art of nephrology and urology grew. The field of veterinary nephrology and urology has also blossomed into a subspecialty including many practices and techniques performed in human medicine such as hemodialysis, lithotripsy, stent placement, and transplantation.

To say that the kidney produces urine is to say that Michelangelo produced marble chips. The urinary tract is truly an amazing system. The purpose of this book is to provide the best available compilation of the “state of the art and science” of the anatomy and physiology, diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, and the pathophysiology and management of diseases of the urinary system. It is divided into the following 11 sections:

1. Anatomy and physiology
2. Diagnostic testing
3. Therapeutic techniques
4. Clinical syndromes
5. Upper urinary tract disorders
6. Fluid, electrolyte, and acid–base disorders
7. Systemic arterial hypertension
8. Upper and lower urinary tract disorders
9. Lower urinary tract disorders
10. Urinary disorders of avian and exotic companion animals
11. Counseling clients

With the expertise of 66 authors contributing 85 chapters, we intend this book to be a resource for veterinary students, house officers, general practitioners, and specialists. Our goal is to provide a readily accessible resource providing information ranging from basic to advanced, and to cover all aspects of nephrology and urology. We acknowledge that scientific information is dynamic and that some information contained herein may already be outdated by the date of publication. We ask the reader to inform us of errors and discrepancies.

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