Nestle Reference Manual for Dairy Herd Management PDF Download


Nestle Reference Manual for Dairy Herd Management PDF Download. Dairy herd management is both an art and science. The primary objective of any livestock enterprise is to achieve maximum productivity and profitability.

Nestle Reference Manual for Dairy Herd Management PDF Download

Nestle Reference Manual For Dairy Herd Management PDF Download

This in values the sound application of basic scientific principal to suit the situation to perfection, so that it becomes an Art. These situations vary from country to country, region to region and from time to time. The climatic, economic, industrial and sociological situations in different countries and far different form. What is prevalent in the developed, temperate Zone Countries.

Due to this, the problems and situations faced by livestock managers in developing countries and tools available to them are different to large extent. There for, a book describing the management practices for a highly organized animal industry supported and fostered by advance technology is also relevant in the developing countries. Now a days, where the animal rearing is by and large ruler based, disorganized and primitive.

The present manual Dairy Herd Management is compiled in the direction of basic and advance dairy farm practices. This manual deals specially with management aspects of Dairy Herd Rearing, integrating the knowledge available on the application of principles of livestock, breeding, feeding, calf rearing, housing, disease control, handling and organization.

There for it is bound to be very useful in training of farm managers, staff training, farmer training, extension workers, private farmers, administrators and planners about livestock management.

It will be especially of great use to those who are in charge livestock units with specialized area of training. The subject matter hitherto is too descriptive but the editors have however, carefully selected the information’s to desirable new and condensed to a minimum extent. All the information have carefully been classified, compiled and presented in understandable manner. Nestle Reference Manual for Dairy Herd Management PDF.

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