Notes on Veterinary Ophthalmology

By: Sheila M. Crispin, Year 2008, File Type: PDF

Notes On Veterinary Ophthalmology

Notes on Veterinary Ophthalmology is a welcome addition to an exciting new series that is specifically designed, using an accessible note-based style, to provide rapid and easy access to up-to-date clinical and diagnostic information.

Veterinary ophthalmology has expanded considerably over the last few years. With all the specialist ophthalmology books now available, there is a need for a concise reference book in this area. Aimed at veterinary surgeons and veterinary students, Notes on Veterinary Ophthalmology provides the reader with all the essential information required to diagnose and manage ophthalmic disorders in dogs, cats, rabbits, horses and farm animals. This edition includes:

  • Over 350 colour pictures throughout the text to aid in examination and diagnosis;
  • Review of common ocular emergencies and how to respond to them;
  • Sections on eye disease in the dog, cat, rabbit, horse and farm animals with summaries at the beginning of each section emphasising common/serious conditions;
  • Appendices on ophthalmic terminology, topical ophthalmic preparations, basic principles of ocular and adnexal surgery and a summary of the cranial nerves innervating the eye and adnexa.

This brief text comprises the ophthalmology notes used to teach the theory of veterinary ophthalmology to generations of veterinary students. They have been expanded to provide a more comprehensive overview for those in general practice with an interest in, but no specialist knowledge of, veterinary ophthalmology.

The first section sets out the instruments that are used and the manner in which examination of the eye and adnexa is performed; this is followed by a section on emergencies and trauma that crosses the species. There are then sections that cover general and canine ophthalmology, feline ophthalmology, rabbit ophthalmology, farm animal ophthalmology and equine ophthalmology. Free Download: Infectious Diseases Of The Dog And Cat 4th Edition PDF Download

The notes conclude with brief appendices on ophthalmic terminology, topical medical preparations, basic principles of anaesthesia and surgery and the cranial nerves innervating the eye and adnexa.

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