Organic Evolution (Evolutionary Biology) Revised & Updated Edition

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Organic Evolution (Evolutionary Biology) Revised & Updated Edition, Evolutionary Biology is as wide as the world of animals and plants, past and present.

Organic Evolution (Evolutionary Biology) Revised & Updated Edition

Organic Evolution (Evolutionary Biology) Revised Updated Ed By Veer Bala Rastogi

Recent years have seen an immense expansion of evolutionary studies to many areas that were scarcely touched before. The last twenty five years have witnessed the revolutionary impact of molecular biology upon genetics and developmental biology, the two fields of fundamental importance for evolutionary studies.

As a result evolutionists have acquired new tools and concepts for investigating evolutionary processes. Due to rapid progress made in the field of molecular biology, many unexpected and revealing discoveries have already emerged. Further molecular studies will certainly modify the paradigm of evolution as we now understand it although the extent of change remains to be determined. Nutrition and Feeding of Organic Poultry 2nd Edition

So , why did I write a book about evolution? Because, while teaching evolution, I observed that a lot of young students are confused about exactly what evolution is, what it does , how it works, and why it is important. This book will help all such readers to everything out. The content of the book is meant to reflect a wide range of evolutionary principles and to offer examples showing how evolutionary forces work and have worked in past to give us such a colourful and varied world. The text is intended to help the students develop a large number of ideas or centres of interest of his own concerning evolution.

The text in this book is divided into five parts. Part I, begins with the Concept of Evolution, which deals with the meaning of word ‘Evolution’, and the historical development. It provides a comprehensive account of evidences to support concept of evolution, and different theories for exploring the mechanism of evolution. Part II deals with the mechanism of evolution.

Topics on Variation and Gene Mutations which form the necessary substrate for natural selection are dealt in a simple and understandable form. Next two chapters deal with chromosomal changes. Chromosomal aberrations include changes in the arrangement of genes in a chromosome and variations in the chromosome number. Both types of chromosomal variations advocate that no two organisms or parts of organism are precisely alike because variations influence the characters of individuals.  Next chapter is on Isolation which deals with isolating mechanisms that split the species populations into separate groups and their evolution into distinct species.

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