Pain Management in Small Animal Practice


The Guide to Pain Management in Small Animal Practice by Ian Self May 2019 is an essential reference guide for use in daily practice by all members of the veterinary team.

Pain Management in Small Animal Practice

Guide To Pain Management In Small Animal Practice

Presented in an easy-to-read instructional format, this guide is intended to give practitioners practical information on pain management for small animals, including cats and dogs, birds, rabbits and exotic pets, with an emphasis on patient welfare and evidence-based medicine.

The early chapters lay the foundations of pain management, including the physiology of pain, acute and chronic pain, pharmacological treatment and physical treatment. The following chapters focus on particular pain scenarios, such as dental pain and cancer pain, using authors’ perspectives and case examples to enhance guidelines.

This Guide has been produced with the busy practitioner in mind. Although there are many excellent pain and analgesia textbooks available, this Guide has been designed to be a ‘bedside’ companion for pain and analgesia practitioners. It is divided into sections examining acute and chronic pain, together with the physiological basis of pain and the pharmaceutical options available for treatment.

The Guide then discusses common clinical conditions by systems/diseases to allow easy identification of where to seek help when faced with a patient in pain. It also examines pain in exotic pet species, as well as having important sections on physical therapies and the role of nursing in the alleviation of suffering.

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