Physical Therapy and Massage for the Dog 1st Edition


Physical Therapy and Massage for the Dog by Julia Robertson and Andy Mead. This book is intended for canine physical and massage therapists, veterinary nurses, trainers, hydro therapists, and other professionals connected with veterinary referral.

Physical Therapy and Massage for the Dog

Physical Therapy And Massage For The Dog

The level and content could also be appropriate for informed dog owners who are keen to learn more about what is under their dog’s skin. The best book I’ve found to help with teaching how the dog moves without getting too complex. Easily accessible content with clear illustrations. I found that this book far surpasses more expensive books on canine movement and anatomy.

Currently, canine massage and physical therapy are growing markets within the UK, with agility being one of the fastest growing sports. The demand is great for resource material to cover this subject, especially one from both a veterinary and specialist canine sports physical therapist perspective. The book includes case studies, sequential photographs depicting movement, detailed diagrams to demonstrate the topic, and clear methods of depicting and describing muscle position and actions.

Interest in canine massage and physical therapy has grown as greater emphasis is placed on the general fitness and agility of dogs, as pets and as sporting animals. This book details the prevention, management and treatment of movement and allied disorders. It encompasses detailed assessments, treatment programmes that involve hands-on therapy along with dynamic remedial and strengthening techniques using exercise plans.

Following succinct discussion of the relevant canine anatomy and physiology, the authors provide chapters on each of the key topics: movement and muscles; exercise; preparation for sports performance; rehabilitation techniques; massage and physical therapy; and common relevant pathologies affecting dogs.

Physical Therapy and Massage for the Dog is of interest to all those involved in canine welfare including veterinary practitioners, veterinary students, therapists, dog owners and dog trainers.

The seven chapters are supported with nicely presented coloured photographs, images and diagrams .. . This is certainly a book that anyone interested in an introduction to physical therapy and massage for the dog will enjoy.

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