Poultry Diseases 6th Edition PDF


Poultry Diseases PDF by Pattison, McMullin, Bradbury, Alexander. The purpose of Poultry Diseases is to provide a standard reference work on health and disease for those involved in the poultry industry.

Poultry Diseases 6th Edition PDF

Poultry Diseases PDF By Pattison, McMullin, Bradbury, Alexander

This book Poultry Diseases includes information that is relevant to veterinary and agricultural students and their teachers, veterinarians in government and practice, and management staff involved in poultry companies. This is now the sixth edition of the book first edited by the visionary Dr R. F. Gordon in 1977.

Its continued success has been a tribute to the zeal, tenacity and scientific standing of Professor Frank Jordan. This is the first edition where he has not been senior editor and the four of us are privileged to continue as his successors.
The poultry industry is very important to the world agricultural economy, and technological innovation has greatly improved the efficiency of poultry production, especially in relation to housing, nutrition, genetics and health management.

Hence it was considered necessary to update the content of this book without fundamentally changing its format. For example, the chapter on avian infl uenza has been expanded and the welfare chapter has been extended to include the European situation. In the bacteriology section, the reclassifi cation of organisms of ‘Pasteurella type’ is brought up to date.

The importance of biosecurity is now well understood by industry and governments and this is reflected by a complete revamp of the chapter on hygiene.

We would like to acknowledge the helpful suggestions and assistance of numerous colleagues in the production of this new edition.

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