Poultry Genetics, Breeding, and Biotechnology PDF. This book represents the first complete integration of the state of the art in quantitative and molecular genetics as applied to poultry breeding.

Poultry Genetics, Breeding, and Biotechnology PDF

Poultry Genetics, Breeding, And Biotechnology PDF

Our approach is first to define problems encountered in poultry breeding in ‘Problems and Issues Associated with Poultry Breeding’. Then methods to address these issues are examined, including both quantitative and molecular genetics, which are simply different tools to address these problems with differing strengths and weakness. Quantitative approaches are examined in ‘Breeding Strategies and Objectives’ while molecular approaches and integration with quantitative ones are examined in ‘Use of Genomics and Bioinformatics in Poultry’.

Coverage of genomics includes structural, comparative and functional. Use of transgenic technology in poultry is also examined. Transgenic technologies offer the promise of being able to address issues by creating new genetic variability, rather than being restricted to existing variation as with quantitative and genomics methods. In addition, transgenic technology can develop new uses for egg products, particularly as a bioreactor for other applications. One of the greatest issues in the poultry industry is that of disease resistance and transmission. A special section is devoted to the genetics of disease resistance.

We feel that we have achieved our goal of producing an outstanding book, with the top scientists in their field addressing each subtopic. Although the field of molecular genetics is progressing rapidly, we feel the issues and methods outlined in this book will be with us for a long time. We thank all the authors for their outstanding contributions to what will surely be a standard of excellence against which all future books will be measured.

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