Practical Guide to Lameness in Horses By Ted S. Stashak

Practical Guide to Lameness in Horses is an updated, practical version of Dr. Stashak’s top selling book Adams’ Lameness in Horses, 4th edition.

Practical Guide to Lameness in Horses By Ted S. Stashak

Practical Guide to Lameness in Horses By Ted S. Stashak

The material is heavily illustrated and provides a hands-on guide to common clinical problems. The authors present important guidelines for decision making and preventive measures. This is a hands-on, authoritative resource that clearly differentiates between important and non-important clinical situations.

An excellent book! Concise and to the point. This book does not patronize the reader, rather it explains clearly and concisely what the problem is and the treatment. Illustrated with drawings and photographs which clearly show the issue being discussed. Ted S Stashak has taken the detailed Adams Lameness in Horses and with cherry Hill has made this an excellent reference book for the horse owner who wants to know what is going on with their horse.

The Horse owner’s Guide to Lameness could easily be the one and only book every horse person will ever need on the subject. From this book, readers can learn the details of skeletal and muscular equine anatomy through written description and excellent illustrations. Any imaginable lameness or unsoundness is covered here, with details of causes, symptoms, treatments and prognosis. The book also includes photos and x-rays to complete the picture.

The one downfall of this book is that it is rather technical. It is not written in layman’s terms nor does it waste page space with extraneous words. As a reference to horse owners and riders this book is invaluable, but it does require a certain amount of familiarity with anatomy terminology in order for the user to reap the full benefits. However, for anyone who owns or cares for horses, The Horse owner’s Guide to Lameness is a necessity.

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