Principles of Dairy Chemistry


Principles of Dairy Chemistry – Jenness, Robert; Patton, Stuart, type PDF, year 2018. Dairy technology is a broad domain that helps us to understand the significance of milk from agricultural and human health aspect.

Principles of Dairy Chemistry

Principles Of Dairy Chemistry

Marked improvement in the agriculture and dairy technology has made this scientific expansion possible. This edition has been updated to develop a body of knowledge that provides the biochemists, experts, researchers a book with solution allied with all the other aspects of the dairy technology.

The book commences with the composition of milk in a quantitative tabulation fashion. Unraveling the details of the composition of milk has presented chemists with an interesting and challenging problems. Milk lipids, proteins, salts and milk enzymes are represented in an exhaustive and concise manner. The special attention has been delivered in the consideration of physical properties of milk. This is followed by comprehensive description of physical chemistry of milk fat globules and caseinate-phosphates. The book also focuses on effect of heat and flavor and off-flavor in milk and also nutritive value of milk.

We acknowledge the fact that readers of this book belong to a broad spectrum from academic or professional scales to food technology experts, biochemists, and nutritionists. Therefore, we made enormous efforts to make the contents of this book as pleasant as possible for broad range of readers. Researchers or academicians may use this l:-ook as a primary or reference material as a balanced literature of recent work in the dairy chemist for developing new models and practical applications. The organization of text in all the chapters is done with in-depth explanation of ideas and concepts. In this edition, we aim to serve a wide range of readers’ groups with the intention of contributing towards technological advancement in the field of dairy chemistry.

The author has produced this book for the students who has had one year of inorganic and organic chemistry and a semester or quarter of biochemistry. At the same time, content has been adapted to keep serving the modern day requirements and its future possibility of dairy chemistry. Author is very grateful to those who have helped directly with this project and to many colleagues, associates, and friends in our own and other institutions who have shown interest and lent their encouragement.

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