Regional Surgery or Large Animal Surgery


Regional Surgery or Large Animal Surgery Lectures Delivered By: Dr. M. Arif Zafar Department of Clinical Medicine and Surgery Faculty of Veterinary & Animal Sciences PMAS Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi.

Regional Surgery or Large Animal Surgery

Regional Surgery Or Large Animal Surgery

These Lectures cover the area of Regional Anesthesia or Regional Nerve Blocking, General Anesthesia, α2 adrenoceptors agonists, Integumentary System, Dehorning/Disbudding, Myasis, Skin Tumors.

In the Second Chapter, Surgical Diseases of Eye, Entropion, Ectropion, Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Trichiasis & Distichiasis, Enucleation of Globe, Respiratory System, Sinusitis in Horses, Tracheotomy/Tracheostomy, Guttural Pouches in Horses.

In The Third Session he covers the Digestive System, Esophagotomy, Rumenotomy, Vagal Indigestion Syndrome (VIS), Equine Gastro-Enterology, Celiotomy, Enterotomy/Side-To-Side Anastomosis, Enterectomy/End-To-End Anastomosis, Caesarean Section (C-Section) and C-Section in Mare .

In the Urinary System, Urinary calculi/Uroliths in Urethra, Urachus Pervichus/Pervious Urachus, Urethral Diverticulum, Urinary Bladder, Cystorrhexis, Uroithiasis and Reproductive System of Male (Castration in Bovines/Equines).

In the Last Reproductive System in Females, Pneumovagina/Episioplasty and Overiectomy & Laproscopy.

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