Reproduction in Farm Animals PDF Download

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Reproduction in Farm Animals PDF. The first edition, published in 1962, covered the basic and comparative aspects of reproductive physiology in a simplified manner to meet the needs of students in reproductive biology, veterinary medicine, and animal sciences.

Reproduction in Farm Animals PDF Download

Reproduction In Farm Animals PDF

This ob­jective is maintained in the seventh edition, which repre­sents a condensed, concise treatise on the physiology and biochemistry of reproduction of farm animals. The book is divided into major sections and these, in turn, are loosely arrayed into two domains, the components of the reproduc­tive system and the regulation of the reproductive process, from the control of ovulation to the initiation of parturition.

The reader will note the profound differences among the various animal species. To address this issue we provided separate coverage of the major species, where this seemed appropriate, so that the student of reproduction could ascer­tain the similarities and differences among them.

Five new chapters have been added to the 7th edition:

1. Reproduction in Llamas and Alpacas
2. Genetic Engineering
3. Pharmacotoxologic Factors and Reproduction
4. Immunology of Reproduction
5. Molecular Biology of Reproduction

This edition could not have been revised without the cooperation of the contributing authors and their willing­ness to follow the editorial guidelines. The chapters have been concisely edited, and the major concepts have been summarized in tables supplemented by line drawings and scanning electron micrographs. All chapters have been com­pletely revised and condensed. There have been numerous deletions from the sixth edition, as well as integration of new and modern concepts such as “growth factors,” molecular biology, genetics, and in vitro micromanipulation of gametes and embryos. Download More: Metabolic Diseases in Farm Animals 1st Edition

Some tabulated appendices include: chromosome numbers and reproductive ability of bovine, caprinae, and equine species and some of their hybrids; preparation of physiologic solutions, sperm stains, tissue culture media, and cryoprotec­tants. These appendices proved to be helpful for staging demonstrations, laboratory exercises, and training work­shops for teachers, laboratory technicians, and students. It is hoped that the seventh edition will be of some help to undergraduate students in animal sciences and veterinary medicine.

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Reproduction in Farm Animals PDF Download

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