Scentwork for Horses 1st Edition

by Rachaël Draaisma, Published December 2020, FileType: PDF

Scentwork For Horses 1st Edition

How do you introduce a topic that is so close to your heart, a topic about which you have so much to say that, rather than fail, words gush out, trying to find a place on the page? Do I start with the horse’s obvious joy when he gets to do scentwork again, the physical and mental benefits that come with it, its uses for rehabilitation and behaviour therapy, its success at socialising or resocialising horses, or the bit of individuality the horse regains from it? There is so much from which to choose. Exploration and scentwork is so much more than just another game. It is a serious instrument that has an impact on various aspects of a domesticated horse’s life, no matter the horse or the life he leads.

But you cannot forget about people in this either. When you are talking about exploration and scentwork for a horse, the handler discovers right along with him. In so doing, you will experience patience, wonderment, surprise, and maybe a little frustration now and then, but hopefully mostly inspiration, admiration, and enjoyment, if you use the elements from the book that suit you, your horse, and your shared lives. Here is to exploration and journeys!

The overarching goal of this book is to introduce exploration and scentwork in the life of the horse and establish it as a serious instrument. Small Animal Diagnostic Ultrasound 3rd Edition PDF

The horse lives in a world filled with human stimuli. The degree to which he can handle them influences his wellbeing and the life he leads. The aim of the first part of the book is to give readers tools that they can use to help their horses experience and discover these stimuli. This will empower your horse and allow him to better understand our world, enabling him to handle it better, with a relaxed state of mind, a zest for life, and a proactive attitude. Attention is also paid here to horses who need more care.

The purpose of the second part of the book is putting scentwork with horses on the map as a discipline. Scentwork is beneficial to any horse, no matter the circumstances in which he lives and works.

The many suggestions you will find throughout this book will enable you, the reader, to implement some or all of its elements in your life and work with horses. Generally speaking, a horse lives a very controlled life in our domesticated world. His life is almost entirely shaped by the plans, desires, and demands of his owner. The goal of this book is to give back a little individuality, choice, and self-determination to the horse, without losing sight of the realities of everyday life.

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