Small Animal Cytologic Diagnosis


Small Animal Cytologic Diagnosis is the combined effort of veterinary clinical pathologists and other board-certified specialists working in the United States, Canada, Europe, and South Africa.

Small Animal Cytologic Diagnosis

Small Animal Cytologic Diagnosis

The goal of this text is to provide small animal clinicians, veterinary students, and clinical pathology residents with current, clinically applicable information about the utility of cytology and indicate when advanced diagnostic testing can be beneficial to diagnose underlying disease processes.

Large numbers of photomicrographs are included in each chapter to illustrate a wide variety of cytologic lesions. This text emphasizes detailed information on sample acquisition and slide preparation. Within each chapter, the underlying pathology causing cytologic lesions is discussed when possible.

Unique chapters reviewing general principles in immunology and oncology that affect the appearance of cytologic lesions are included to aid veterinary students and residents with their study of pathology. Additionally, chapters contain one to three cases to provide the reader with clinical examples of how cytology can be used in practice.

We hope readers find this text to be a valuable resource that is complete, easy to use, and significantly adds to the excellent information already provided by other veterinary cytology texts.

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