Small Animal Fracture Repair, A Case-Based Approach PDF

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Small Animal Fracture Repair, A Case-Based Approach PDF. Fracture cases can be dramatic and intimidating. Dramatic, as they are often caused by motor vehicle accidents or other trauma.

Small Animal Fracture Repair, A Case-Based Approach

Small Animal Fracture Repair, A Case Based Approach PDF

The patient can be in shock with other concomitant injuries. There are often deformities of the limb(s), debilitation and pain. Intimidating, because they are infrequent in most primary practices. Fractures can vary widely in severity and complexity. There are many different, and ostensibly complex, fixation devices available.

Mistakes and failures are glaringly obvious on radiographs. There are usually a number of opinions amongst surgeons as to the best way to treat a specific fracture. The end result is that a student, practitioner, or even experienced surgeon may have doubts about the best way to handle a specific patient’s fracture(s).

The intention of this book is to provide some small degree of guidance to the understanding and treatment of fracture cases. This book consists of two parts. Part I is a very concise overview of fracture biology and mechanics, including the use and ‘rules’ of various basic orthopedic devices. Equine Fracture Repair 2nd Edition

This part is not intended to be a complete or exhaustive treatise on fracture repair. There are many available texts on veterinary surgery and fracture repair and the reader should refer to these for more in-depth discussion. Part I presents some basic concepts that support those clinical decisions presented in Part II.

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