Small Animal Ophthalmology Secrets 1st Edition

Veterinary ophthalmology has no deficiency of textbooks or atlases, and the available titles are all very good. However, Small Animal Ophthalmology Secrets 1st Edition is different from the other textbooks in the field.

Small Animal Ophthalmology Secrets 1st Edition

Small Animal Ophthalmology Secrets 1st Edition

The format of The Secrets Series® relies on the authors to pose a question that is commonly asked on exams or in the clinic and then follows up with an answer that is founded on years of the authors’ experience. The goal of this text is not to be all-inclusive; the standard texts serve that purpose. The format and the content of this text provide key information in a way that will save readers time and energy concerning topics that they need to know.

Written in the popular question-and-answer format of The Secrets Series®, this handy resource provides an in-depth overview of the latest diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to small animal ophthalmology. Coverage includes such important areas as the Cornea, Glaucoma, Cataracts, Neuro-Ophthalmology, Oculoplasties, Uveal Disease, the Retina, and Ocular Tumors.

  • Includes helpful answers, tips, and secrets of contributing authors; all working in the field of veterinary ophthalmology
  • An increasingly important topic due to the emergence of effective therapies
  • Riis and the contributors are a virtual “who’s who” in veterinary ophthalmology

It is my hope that The Secret Series® will expand to include other veterinary ophthalmology titles, such as large animal species and exotic species, because ophthalmology still turns me on. It has been enjoyable working with my colleagues to complete this text, and their contributions are much appreciated. In addition, we are all indebted to our animal patients, clients, students, in­terns, residents, and, last but certainly not least, veterinary technicians.

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