Small Animal Radiographic Techniques and Positioning


Small Animal Radiographic Techniques and Positioning PDF. It has been such a privilege to work in veterinary imaging for 23 years with veterinary students and veterinary technicians.

Small Animal Radiographic Techniques and Positioning

Small Animal Radiographic Techniques And Positioning PDF

The veterinary technician’s role has grown as technology and advancements in medicine have progressed over the years. Today, the veterinary technician scope of practice includes not only nursing care but also anesthesia, laboratory, and diagnostic imaging responsibilities.

Small animal practices are growing and purchasing more advanced imaging equipment and their techs are expected to expand their roles to become proficient in operating the equipment. When veterinary technicians graduate and enter the workplace, they may work in a practice still manually processing film or be expected to know how to operate digital imaging equipment.

This handbook is written for both the veterinary technician and the small animal practitioner to assist them with the varied imaging challenges they may encounter in today’s working environment.

The book is divided into three sections, covering an overview of radiographic technique, darkroom maintenance, digital and film-screen imaging in the first section; small animal positioning, including some exotic species positioning techniques, in the second section; and contrast media and special contrast enhanced procedures in the last section.

The intent of the text is to provide a one-stop handbook to quickly find needed imaging information, whether it is the correct contrast media dose for a special procedure or a quick lookup for positioning.

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