Textbook of Small Animal Surgery: 2-Volume Set PDF


Textbook of Small Animal Surgery: 2-Volume Set PDF Download. Since publication of the second edition, the Textbook of Small Animal Surgery has been widely accepted by the veterinary profession as a definitive clinical, reference, and teaching work in veterinary surgery in many countries.

Textbook of Small Animal Surgery: 2-Volume Set PDF

Textbook Of Small Animal Surgery 2 Volume Set PDF Download

The enormous task of translation of the book into several foreign languages ha been completed. As with the previous edition, it is the aim of this edition Lo provide the current, scientifically accepted facts of veterinary surgery.

We arc faced with an ever-expanding literature of inconsistent quality, increasingly complex procedures, the difficulty of separating true advances from the spurious. and the challenge of limiting the size and cost of the text. I have deliberately avoided the shortsighted current trend to omit vital material, because this denies access to important concepts by the reader. Veterinary medicine has matured considerably in recent decades, and our major scholarly works must remain comparable with those of other professions.

As the volume of material in our specialty grows, the difficulty in applying new information, and placing it in context with established information, also increases. In the third edition, the number or decision-making algorithms has been increased to facilitate this process.

The section editors and authors have labored with persistence and diligence in identifying new material and organizing it in a useful fashion. On every page we are reminded of the remarkable depth of talent of the contributing authors. both as authors and as veterinarians.

I am indebted to the many colleagues from many countries who have made helpful suggestions for this edition, and to the staff of the W. B. Saunders Company, including Ray Kersey, Cass Stamato, Denise LeMelledo, Rebecca Gruilow, and Linda Van Pelt. The continued professional examples provided by the Diplomates of the American and European Colleges of Veterinary Surgeons, and the out-standing educational contributions made by both Colleges, are inspiring.

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