The Animal Atlas : A Pictorial Guide to the World’s Wildlife


The Animal Atlas : A Pictorial Guide to the World’s Wildlife

by DK, Kenneth Lilly

The Animal Atlas: A Pictorial Guide To The World's Wildlife
May 2020

This lavishly illustrated large-format book takes you on a world tour, continent by continent, to meet the animals that live in each region. Explore the animal kingdom with this pictorial atlas of the world’s wildlife.

Where do animals build their homes? How do they survive in very hot and cold climates? Why are so many species endangered?

Discover the answers to all these questions and many more in The Animal Atlas. Learn where in the world different animal species are found; what kind of habitats they live in; what they eat; and how they find their mates.

The Animal Atlas is packed with beautiful, life-like depictions of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and insects. Each species is carefully hand-drawn to show details of fur, feathers, or scales while accompanying captions reveal fascinating facts about the animal’s behavior.

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This lavishly illustrated nature book explores the different continents and countries of the world, with helpful information on geography, climate, and vegetation. It travels through different biomes, such as forests, deserts, and lakes; and through specific regions, from the Everglades to the Galapagos, the Himalayas, and Great Barrier Reef.

First published in 1992, this atlas has been updated for the 2020 edition and is a beautiful gift for a new generation of zoologists.

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