The Cattle Health Handbook PDF Download


The Cattle Health Handbook PDF Download. This is a book I’ve wanted to write for a long time. In it I have used simple terms to describe practical health-care methods and offer medical advice we’ve garnered from others and learned from our own hands-on experience.

The Cattle Health Handbook PDF Download

The Cattle Health Handbook PDF Download

Although its scope is broad and it contains plenty of detailed information, it is easy to read and sprinkled with anecdotes and a few of our own case histories, and it features real characters of both the human and bovine varieties.

If you maintain a large herd of cattle over a long stretch of time, you will see almost all of the common problems, as well as some very unusual situations. My goal is to help acquaint the reader with the health challenges encountered in raising cattle as well as the treatment methods and options associated with the challenges. The discussions within will also help the reader to determine whether he can handle a condition by himself or must call the vet.

How to Use This Book “The Cattle Health Handbook” 

Different things cause cattle diseases and ailments, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa, and parasites. Understanding how these microscopic invaders cause sickness helps the rancher to understand the importance of routine vaccination, sanitation, and a calf’s need for immunity-building colostrum. The first section of the book looks at such things as disease resistance, including how cattle develop immunity, and the basics of detecting and treating seasonal and other illnesses and administering medications. For instance, chapter 2 describes basic health maintenance techniques.

The second section of the book covers general disease conditions grouped by the types of pathogens that cause them.

Because it’s often easiest for stock men with sick cattle to research a disease within the category of the body system that is affected, the third section of the book describes symptoms and treatments of specific body systems. So when it’s 3 o’clock on a weekend morning, and the veterinary clinic is closed, and you discover a cow with a problem, you can easily flip through chapters with titles like “Respiratory Problems,” “Eye Problems,” “Foot Problems,” and “Skin Problems” to figure out what’s wrong. The fourth section examines other more random types of ailments as well as accidents, and injuries.

I’ve tried to include all of the diseases you are likely to encounter and some that with luck you’ll never see. Because there are so many ailments that can affect cattle, however, some of which are very rare, it is impossible to touch on all of them in this book. A comprehensive look at reproductive diseases, calving problems, and calf hood diseases can be found in this book’s companion volume, Essential Guide to Calving.

Keep in mind that some conditions are difficult to diagnose without veterinary assistance, and, on occasion, an animal may be suffering from more than one problem at once. When in doubt, you should always consult your vet to help you with proper diagnosis and treatment. It is initially up to you, though, to detect the existence of the problem. The aim of this book is to help you recognize when an animal is sick, so you can identify and treat or get professional help for many of the problems that may be causing the symptoms you have observed.

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