The Dairy Goat Handbook – For Backyard, Homestead, and Small Farm PDF. Goats are truly one of the most adaptable and productive domesticated animals on our planet.

The Dairy Goat Handbook – For Backyard, Homestead, and Small Farm PDF

The Dairy Goat Handbook For Backyard, Homestead, And Small Farm PDF

They are found thriving in cold, mountainous areas; on warm, tropical islands; and so many places in between. They thrive on landscapes and feed on plants that challenge other animals. Domesticated thousands of years ago, goats continue to find their way into the spotlight. Goats are said to be one of the most popular small farm animals in the United States today. The reasons are many.

A few dairy goats in the backyard can supply a family with nutritious and flavorful milk to drink and make into other foods. They can also provide meat from the raising and slaughtering of offspring, and manure for fertilizing gardens. Goats will eat or browse overgrown and invasive plants, cleaning up underutilized species while feeding their bodies rich nutrients.

At the same time, with their smaller hoof print, agility, and selective feeding habits, goats, in limited-resource areas with sparse vegetation, can still provide for us humans. Thus the dairy goat’s efficient and adaptable nature is perhaps part of a local answer for the environmental, economic, and food safety challenges we face today.

Goats have a curiosity that is often misunderstood. Take some time to be with goats and you will soon discover their endearing characteristics. Innocently, they create a unique and lasting bond. They are fun companions despite their independent spirit.

Bring goats into your life and you will quickly learn many lessons both about goats and yourself. In addition to honing your basic animal-raising abilities, goats will challenge your wit, patience, and fence-building skills. You will develop GOAT-titude! GOAT-titude is the mental state that is necessary to thrive with the inquisitive, adventurous, adaptable, impish, intelligent, laughable, and energetic behavior of goats.

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