The Equine Acute Abdomen 3rd Edition PDF

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The Equine Acute Abdomen PDF. This edition of The Equine Acute Abdomen details further advances in early recognition of colic, including recognition of pain using subtle behavioral signs, evaluation of bio markers indicative of ensuing severe disease, advances in imaging the abdomen, and approaches to determining the prognosis.

The Equine Acute Abdomen 3rd Edition PDF

The Equine Acute Abdomen PDF

An area of equine practice that has changed the most since the previous edition of this book is critical care, with many hospitals now employing criticalists. Consequently, several chapters in this edition detail important advances in areas such as fluid therapy, nutrition, and the appropriate use of antimicrobial, anti‐inflammatory, and prokinetic agents. There is also a comprehensive new section on colic in foals.

This edition of The Equine Acute Abdomen explores discoveries in exciting new areas related to colic, such as the role of intestinal stem cells and the microbiome. We expect that advances in these and other areas will likely have a vital role in our future understanding of the pathogenesis and consequences of colic. This edition addition-ally includes up‐to‐date information on the epidemiology, pathophysiology, and treatment of specific diseases that cause colic, as well as important topics that often receive less attention, such as colic in the donkey, grass sickness, and biosecurity.

Given the breadth of information covered in this edition, we hope that the reader will be better prepared to intervene when horses are presented with colic. It also is our hope that this edition will inform veterinarians about the latest advancements in critical care, introduce them to some of the current trends in equine colic research, and help them improve their ability to preempt or ameliorate colic.

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