The Laboratory Rabbit 2nd Edition PDF

The Laboratory Rabbit 2nd Edition PDF. With laboratory animals, especially rabbits, playing such an important role in biomedical research, the humane care of these animals is an ongoing concern.

The Laboratory Rabbit 2nd Edition PDF

The Laboratory Rabbit 2nd Edition PDF

The use of laboratory animals, including rabbits, continues to be an important part of biomedical research. In many instances, individuals performing such research are charged with broad responsibilities, including animal facility management, animal husbandry, regulatory compliance, and performance of technical procedures directly related to research projects. In that regard, this handbook was written to provide a quick reference source for investigators, technicians, and animal caretakers charged with the care and use of rabbits in a research setting.

This handbook is organized into six chapters focusing on biological features of the rabbit; husbandry and care; management; veterinary care; experimental methodology; and additional informational resources. Basic information and common procedures are presented in detail.

Other information on less commonly used techniques or methods beyond the scope of this book is referenced extensively so that the reader is directed toward additional information without having to wade through a burdensome volume of detail here. Thus, this handbook should be viewed as a basic reference source and not as a complete review of the biology and use of the rabbit. This second edition of The Laboratory Rabbit provides updated material and references. In addition, we have added a large number of color figures.

A final point to be considered is that all individuals performing procedures described in this handbook should be properly trained. The humane care and use of rabbits is improved by initial and continuing education of personnel and will facilitate the overall success of programs using rabbits in research.

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