The Pocket Book of Small Animal Tips for Vets PDF Download


The Pocket Book of Small Animal Tips for Vets PDF Download. This is not a textbook, it’s a tips book. The tips have been collected as part of a charitable project from practicing vets.

The Pocket Book of Small Animal Tips for Vets

The Pocket Book Of Small Animal Tips For Vets PDF Download

Each tip is not intended to cover the subject comprehensively. As a result, the tips should be used at the reader’s own discretion, and with care and consideration. No responsibility can be taken by the VBF, Bayer Animal Health, or the author for any issue arising from the use of the tips.

This book should be a “must” for all new graduates and all “old” graduates too: I will personally offer a money-back guarantee to anyone who reads this book from cover to cover without finding at least one handy tip that improves their daily working life in practice.

These are the little tricks of our trade that will get you out of a difficult situation, allow you to be more efficient and most of all impress your colleagues and your clients… hopefully everyone will add their little strokes of ingenuity to this list. Newly qualified vets, and many older wiser vets too, should look at this list every day and learn from it.

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