Therapeutics and Control of Sheep and Goat Diseases eBook Download


Therapeutics and Control of Sheep and Goat Diseases eBook Download. Therapeutics is the branch of medicine that is concerned with the remedial treatment of disease. The word derives etymologically from the Greek word and describes an entire scientific field dedicated to the art of healing.

Therapeutics and Control of Sheep and Goat Diseases eBook Download

Therapeutics And Control Of Sheep And Goat Diseases EBook Download

In small ruminants, treatment of the individual animal is very often coupled with the decision to take action within the flock/herd, in order to prevent introduction or spread of the disease. Hence, the broader term “control” may be used interchangeably with “treatment” to denote actions taken to maintain the health of the population. Appropriate treatment is based on and follows an accurate diagnosis; similarly, this issue follows the publication, in Elsevier’s Small Ruminant Research, of a special volume on “Sheep Diagnostic Medicine.”

In flocks/herds of small ruminants, consideration of only the individual patient for treatment may lead to recrudescence and further spread of the disease within the population. However, treatment of the individual animal that is ill does help to protect the rest of the flock, as it may reduce spread of disease.

Treatment is also essential to the welfare of animals with disease. So, this volume on therapeutics of sheep and goats includes content that addresses not only the treatment of animals that show evidence of clinical disease, but also describes strategic administration of pharmaceutical agents to those that are at risk, ie, could become ill, as well as to those that could be a source of infection to healthy animals.

The volume also addresses the issue of antimicrobial resistance in pathogens of sheep and goats, which is of particular importance when considering the health of humans working with small ruminants or consuming their products. The volume also outlines issues concerning drug use in small ruminants, which are considered to be minor species in much of the world and, therefore, often lacking in approved medicines in many jurisdictions.

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