Veterinary Anaesthesia Principles to Practice PDF


Veterinary Anaesthesia Principles to Practice PDF. Welcome to ‘ Veterinary Anaesthesia: Principles to Practice ’.

Veterinary Anaesthesia Principles to Practice PDF

Veterinary Anaesthesia Principles To Practice PDF

The book was developed from The Liverpool University Veterinary School student notes after much encouragement from both undergraduate and postgraduate students and is now envisaged as a basic study aid for veterinary nurses, veterinary students and particularly post – graduate students studying for professional veterinary anaesthesia qualifi cations. The book is also designed to be a quick – reference source for veterinary surgeons in practice.

During my first ever dog anaesthetic in practice, on a busy morning when all my colleagues were out on calls, the responsibility of the situation suddenly dawned on me when I realised just how many questions I still had about the subject.

Fortunately, a quick call via a temperamental mobile telephone helped to assure me that my calculations of premedication and induction doses were reasonable and thankfully my patient survived. That after-noon, however, I telephoned the RCVS to enrol for the CertVA as I had clearly realised just how much more I needed to learn.

And I have been learning ever since, sometimes by my mistakes, but hopefully more often through the guidance and instruction of others, notably Dr. Jackie Brearley and Prof. Ron Jones, and from the written word. My colleagues will attest to my passion for books – I only wish I had time to read them all! So why, might you ask, would I wish to write one? Well, I really enjoy teaching as well as learning.

There is a wonderful sense of satisfaction, not without a little pride, that wells up inside when past students go on to achieve great things and especially when they keep in touch by email with all manner of taxing questions which really keep me on my toes! Learning and teaching will always be a two – way process and I can only hope to impart some of my experiences flavoured with a little of my enthusiasm through the pages of this book, but am always open to discussion so please do contact me if you feel the urge!

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