Veterinary Assisting Fundamentals & Applications Free PDF Download


Veterinary Assisting Fundamentals & Applications Free PDF Download. The popularity and demand nationwide of veterinarians and trained staff have caused the industry to reach out to the high school career and technical schools to allow students the experience and under-standing of the veterinary field.

Veterinary Assisting Fundamentals & Applications Free PDF Download

Veterinary Assisting Fundamentals & Applications Free PDF Download

Thus, Ms. Vanhorn began creating a high school–based veterinary assistant pro-gram to allow students the experience of and a basic introduction to the world of veterinary medicine. On developing the program, Vanhorn found that the majority of veterinary-related educational materials and text books were written at a college-to-post secondary level. In an effort to allow secondary students to understand and learn about veterinary assisting as a career opportunity, this textbook was created for veterinary assistant students and as a resource for practicing veterinary assistants, veterinary receptionists, hospital managers, and technicians.

The authors believe that the basic layout of the units, as well as the clinical experiences, offers students a way to see veterinary medicine. This approach provides the learner with a preview of the veterinary industry and the necessary education needed to achieve success in the profession, as well as allowing the student to critically think and problem-solve realistic scenarios.


To help you learn and teach from Veterinary Assisting: Fundamentals & Applications, a variety of additional materials have been prepared for you.

Anticipation/reaction guide

This assignment is completed at the beginning of a lesson and helps gauge student prior knowledge and assumptions. It can then aid the instructor by identifying areas that may need more class instruction time. Students are then asked to complete the assignment again after they have learned the content in class. This approach allows students to assess what they have learned and where they can benefit by honing in on weak areas that may need more study and review.

Content map

This is a tool to help students focus their attention and outline a study plan. It highlights the key concepts in each chapter, uses questions to reinforce the learning of the key concepts, and lists vocabulary terms relevant to the key concepts. This tool may also help instructors organize and plan their classroom discussions and activities.

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