Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Manual, 2nd Edition

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Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Manual, 2nd Edition

 by Paul Aldridge, Louise O’Dwyer, Year December 2012, File type: PDF

Veterinary Emergency And Critical Care Manual 2nd Edition

This book is essential to the practice of emergency veterinary medicine. It is thorough and in depth description of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures is unmatched in the profession. I constantly refer to it in my practice for some of the more intricate and difficult therapies. Excellent procedure-based reference for the ER clinician. Concise & accurate, would recommend for anyone who wants a quick reference emergency book.

This book has proven, time and time again, to be my best “go-to” book for an emergency situation. First of all, genius to make it yellow, as it stands out on the shelf. Secondly, the rest of the book seems to have been as thoughtfully put together. It has easy-to-read, important highlighted areas, for during the emergency. It also has fairly in depth info as well, for once the animal is stabilized. It has CRI info and a great guide for what to put in your crash cart. I have two other emergency books, but this is, by far, my favorite.

The second edition of the manual has kept the same format as the first edition as it is intended to anticipate all possible scenarios of a particular condition with the author guiding the reader through the diagnostic and management process. Get More: Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Procedures

Key points and therapies are highlighted for easy accessibility. Hourly constant rate infusion charts for commonly used medications are also included to facilitate easy prescribing whether in the clinic or giving instructions over the telephone. The introduction to each chapter offers a brief background into the problem with a short discussion of relevant physiology and pathophysiology as it relates to the clinical signs, the diagnostic and management process.

The pharmacology section at the end of each chapter discusses the important aspects (action, indications, contraindications and adverse effects) of the medications recommended as they relate to their use for the specific problem at hand and not necessarily other potential indications, which will be discussed in other chapters when indicated. The suggested reading material is a source of reference for a more in-depth understanding of the topic and not necessarily the source of all information within the chapter.

While some chapters are short with few potential scenarios, other chapters dealing with more complex problems and many scenarios (e.g., cardiopulmonary resuscitation, shock, fluid therapy requirements), are longer and require more detail. It is recommended that such areas be reviewed as early as possible, so the reader is familiar with the format, materials required and instructions prior to the emergent situation.

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Book Name: Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Manual, 2nd Edition
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