Veterinary Ethics in Practice 1st Edition

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Veterinary Ethics in Practice 1st Edition

by James W. Yeates Published: December 14, 2020, FileType: PDF

Veterinary Ethics In Practice

This book is to help veterinary professionals develop the skills to deal with real issues, and engage in ethical reasoning and discussions with confidence. It is the result of many years of practising, policy-making, researching and wrestling with these issues. I make no claim to have ‘solved’ all of veterinary ethics – or to be better, morally, than anyone else. Indeed, the more I have reflected and learnt, the more I have realized my own failures.

This book therefore does not tell everyone what to do. Instead it presents different possible ways of thinking (and ways of thinking about thinking), with some of their key implications and challenges. You should disagree with many of the ideas presented – and then reflect on why you disagree (and what changes would make you agree). At the same time, please be open minded to changing your views several times as you read and reflect (some-times back to where we started, but with greater confidence and clarity). An Introduction to Veterinary Medical Ethics Theory And Cases 2nd Edition PDF

This book is structured around the kind of deliberations we might follow in practice. The first chapter introduces ethics. This is followed by Part A (Chapters 2–4), which considers various general topics. Part B (Chapters 5–9) considers key practical ethical skills. Part C (Chapters 10–13) applies this to practice, for various areas of veterinary work. Each chapter also highlights particular ideas and errors to consider or avoid. Except for Part B, each chapter has ‘Reflections’ or ‘Applications’. I have kept these short and bite-size for busy people. So please spend time reflecting on and discussing the ideas, and formulating your own views, and applying them to your past, present and imaginary cases.

As a practical book, it avoids using technical language, delineating academic theories and parroting contemporary debates in ethics, medical ethics, metaethics and jurisprudence that, while interesting, are not particularly useful for us in our veterinary work. Similarly, I have avoided delineating which famous philosophers said what, which makes it particularly remiss in citations, and (even worse) seeming ungrateful to all the serious scholar-ship, but many are given in Further Reading, and I hope this taster helps you discover them.

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