Veterinary Forensics Investigation, Evidence Collection, and Expert Testimony 1st Edition. This book is written as both a guide and to ensure that all forensic and expert witnesses meet the current expectations and standards for veterinary forensic medicine and science. We hope you enjoy this book.

Veterinary Forensics Investigation, Evidence Collection, and Expert Testimony 1st Edition

Veterinary Forensics Investigation, Evidence Collection, And Expert Testimony 1st Edition

Since the time of the first book on forensics, Hsi Duan Yu (1248 AD), forensic sciences have been moving forward with increases in science and technology. Propelling these advances are societal needs to assign responsibility for animal crimes and other violent acts. Furthermore, forensic medicine and science has been an essential element for law enforcement.

Forensic science is not concerned with justice and injustice or innocence versus guilt, it is concerned with the science and medicine that can incriminate or exculpate the individual based on the evidence. As scientists, we will use the best and acceptable scientific techniques supported by the most current responsible journal articles that will lead to reproducible results.

The art and science of forensics is not without its failures. The concept of ipse dixit (“he himself said it”) is no longer an acceptable defense for the opinion of an expert witness in a court of law. To this end, scientific testimony has been guided by several entities including the Frye test (1923, Frye v. United States), the guidelines of the Federal Rules of Evidence 702 (1975), and the Daubert test (1993, Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals). These have been the standard, in many courts, for admitting expert witness opinion. These guidelines establish the rules for scientific/medical expert witness testimony.

The goal of this text is to provide those in veterinary medicine, law enforcement, lawyers, the judiciary, animal control officers, and others with guidance in the collection of evidence, development of criminal and civil case documentation, and then the presentation of scientific and medical opinions and conclusions in a court of law. The chapters in this book are written by experts in their fields.

This was done to give the reader information that directly reflects the thoughts of the best forensic scientists in the business. These experts have many years of experience and for the most accurate and current information it would be best for you to hear directly from them.

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