Veterinary Immunology Principles and Practice 2nd Edition PDF


Veterinary Immunology Principles and Practice 2nd Edition PDF. I was delighted with the response to publication of the first edition of Veterinary Immunology – Principles and Practice in 2011.

Veterinary Immunology Principles and Practice 2nd Edition PDF

Veterinary Immunology Principles And Practice 2nd Edition PDF

The book was very well received by veterinary students and has now become the adopted text in numerous veterinary schools throughout the world. The text achieved its goal of providing a concise and affordable book supported by high-quality colour illustration. Many colleagues who teach veterinary immunology were highly complimentary about this new resource and offered constructive suggestions for changes to a second edition. Teachers of the subject were also very pleased with the opportunity, provided by the publishers, to obtain teaching sets of the images and diagrams used in the book.

Immunology is a rapidly developing subject area and in order for this textbook to remain current the text of the second edition has been widely updated with advances in knowledge since 2011. The format and style of the text remains the same, but the second edition contains around 20 new and updated figures, one new table and two new clinical case studies. New developments in fundamental and clinical veterinary immunology are reported, with expanded information on commonly used diagnostic test procedures and the inclusion of newly arising diseases such as bovine neonatal pancytopenia.

I have been delighted to have the opportunity once more of collaborating with my friend and colleague, Professor Ron Schultz, on this second edition. I would also like to acknowledge my Commissioning Editor, Jill Northcott, and the production team of CRC Press.

It is now over 15 years since I first began working with Manson Publishing on the production of my first book, Clinical Immunology of the Dog and Cat. This second edition of Veterinary Immunology – Principles and Practice would have been my sixth Manson publication, but as the final manuscript for this edition was submitted, Michael announced his retirement and the transfer of Manson Publishing to CRC Press. I would like to acknowledge my long and fruitful collaboration with Michael and wish him the very best for the future.

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