Veterinary Medical Education – A Practical Guide


Veterinary Medical Education: A Practical Guide offers a complete resource to fundamental information on key areas of veterinary education.

Veterinary Medical Education – A Practical Guide

Veterinary Medical Education, A Practical Guide

Veterinary medicine is unique among the health sciences due to the breadth of veterinary practice and the expertise required of Day One graduates. These expectations underlie the challenges faced by veterinary medical educators within a changing world that has included significant advancements in veterinary knowledge and the technology with which this may be delivered.

Similar to medical education, veterinary medical education has been undergoing a transformation to develop educational methods that best prepare our graduates for these challenges in twenty-first-century veterinary practice. In this textbook we have tried to capture these initiatives, share new ideas, engage educators, and encourage further development so that veterinary medical education continues to advance.

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Another goal of this book was to provide practical guidance for teachers, both inexperienced and experienced, in veterinary medical education. Most importantly, Veterinary Medical Education: A Practical Guide aims to be accessible and useful to the reader, so that they can assimilate the information and tips into their preclinical and clinical teaching as well as other academic activities.

  • Provides a practical guide to the key principles of veterinary medical education
  • Takes a real-world approach, with concrete guidance for teaching veterinary skills and knowledge
  • Covers all aspects of designing and implementing a veterinary curriculum
  • Emphasizes key points and helpful tips
  • Offers a veterinary-specific resource for any veterinary educator worldwide

We have attempted to organize the book into the major themes that encompass veterinary medical education, with individual chapters on specific topics. We chose the chapter authors based on their areas of expertise, with something fresh to say, and from all walks of veterinary medical education across the world. We hope that readers will regard the authors and their backgrounds as a very integral part of the value of the book.

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