Veterinary Ophthalmology 5th Edition 2 Volumes PDF Download. This two-volume text continues to present and document the status of veterinary ophthalmology in the new millennium.

Veterinary Ophthalmology 5th Edition 2 Volumes PDF Download

Veterinary Ophthalmology 5th Edition 2 Volumes PDF Download

The first and second editions of this book were often referred to as the “blue bible” of veterinary ophthalmology because of their blue covers. When the third edition cover was changed to gold, the text was immediately called the “gold standard” for veterinary ophthalmology! The fourth edition was converted to dark blue again. It remains our goal that with the quality and breadth of our authors and publisher that this fifth edition continues as the leading text in veterinary ophthalmology!

This text continues our goal to be the most comprehensive text for practicing and academic veterinary ophthalmologists, veterinary ophthalmology residents, and graduate students; veterinary pathologists, pharmacologists, and toxicologists interested in the eye; vision scientists; and persons interested in comparative ophthalmology.

This edition consists of the vast amount of information available on disease and surgery of the animal eye that can be presented in two volumes. Our bibliographies for each chapter document the entire veterinary and biomedical literature for each subject. This text continues to be the most often cited reference for veterinary ophthalmology-refereed articles worldwide.

Hence this book presents a major commitment by a small group of authors who are experts in their chosen field, who are willing to take time from their personal lives, and present their experience and expertise to peers and colleagues world-wide. Therefore, a real special thanks to all of our contributors and to our families for letting us give back to our beloved veterinary ophthalmology discipline.

I also thank my new associate editors, Thomas Kern from Cornell, and Brian Gilger from the North Carolina State University for their expertise and energy to shepherd this edition from conception to partition! I also greatly appreciate the assistance of the comparative ophthalmology faculty and staff at the University of Florida. Lastly, a special thanks to Ms. Erica Judisch and Ms. Nancy Turner at Wiley-Blackwell, Ames, Iowa, for the opportunity to publish this fifth edition of Veterinary Ophthalmology.

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