Veterinary Practice Management Secrets PDF

Veterinary Practice Management Secrets PDF. When asked by Hanley & Belfus, Inc. to write this Secrets text, we felt very complimented; they have published more than 45 well-respected books in The Secrets Series®.

Veterinary Practice Management Secrets PDF

Veterinary Practice Management Secrets PDF

While Phil Seibert and I seldom fully agree on the best answer to a specific issue or challenge, and in some cases disagree on some of the alternatives in this text, we do concur that the diversity of this profession requires the wide spectrum of ideas that we have compiled.

We need to thank the members of the American Animal Hospital Association, the clients of Catanzaro & Associates, Inc., and the many practices sending inquiries into Veterinary Practice Consultants®. Without these 2400-plus practices, including the over 300 practices we support every year, the questions and answers would not have flowed.

The second group of folks we need to thank is our support team: Sylvia Zamperin, our new Client Relations Director, who ensures that our clients receive the most exacting of compassionate care; Courtney Edwards, our Communications Director, who assembled and grammar-proofed these submissions; Debbie Catanzaro, our Fiscal Director, who keeps our finances straight; Michael Catanzaro, our Continuing Education and Public Relations Director, who ensures that our multiple meetings and seminars stay coordinated and on track; and certainly our team of consultant associates, who give us the freedom to share ideas and perspectives with the veterinary profession. We also must thank Karyn Gavzer, MBA, CVPM, a remarkable woman who we have known and admired for many years, for her contribution of 12 insightful marketing questions. Also, Judi Leake, DVM must be acknowledged for her continued support and vast knowledge of ancillary services.

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